Case Study - O’Tooles Health and Fitness

O’Tooles, Newcastle, is a health and fitness gym, combining boxing and bodybuilding. The gym is for dedicated, hardcore individuals who demand intense physical training.

With traditional gyms in a downward trend, due to those opting to work out at home, the success of O’Tooles Gym is in creating an environment and experience that is not possible to achieve in a home gym.

O’Tooles has positioned itself as the place to go for those hardcore gym-goers who need regular, intense workouts. Their vision was to create the ultimate professional atmosphere that could not be replicated at home.

A range of xcite LED fittings were installed throughout O’Tooles, to provide customers with a unique gym experience.

The new lighting system was bright and welcoming for new members, as well as creating a comfortable environment for existing gym-goers.

By replacing old fluorescent fittings that emit large amounts of heat with xcite LED luminaires which give off significantly less heat, this drop in ambient temperature becomes much more noticeable for gym-goers during particularly intense workouts. In the boxing ring it is imperative that light is even and low glare, to improve peripheral vision and help maintain focus while sparring.

Products Used

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